Thursday, January 14, 2010


When I first read the term "Manhole", I said to myself: What the hell is a manhole? Well, as a non-english native speaker I was very much confused and carried this wrongly written note (manshole) with me in my jacket:

After a brief consultation with the internet my fears were confirmed and I now know what a manhole is. Strangely enough I found this one in the neighborhood:

Did you know that the city of Los Angeles was made in India? Anyway...

In German language you would say "Kanaldeckel" or "Gully".

In 1990, the city of Sacramento in California officially renamed all their manholes to "maintenance holes" out of concern for the equality of both genders. The name "maintenance hole" was selected because the term shares the same initials as the word "manhole", thereby eliminating the need to change the MH labels on the city's utility maps. (Wikipedia)


  1. so the movie title "mermaid in a manhole" makes finally sense to me... after about 10 years of racking my brains about it--