Friday, January 1, 2010

Day one!

It's 2010! Hooray! My head is pretty much autonomous today. Some call it hangover. Had a great time last night at NYE party at Sarah's house on Sunset Blvd with Ute, Shannon, Damion, John, Spencer, Meg, Amanda, Joseph, Nicole, Grant, Peter and many more. Loads of nice people, drunk'n'punk, broken glasses and the longest queue in front of the bathroom. Sonny's burning and human fly under a blue moon!
Just came back from Wurstküche, the famous sausage place here in the heart of downtown Los Angeles' historic arts district. Had a german bratwurst with belgium fries and plenty of mustard and curry ketchup, yeah! Feels like Berlin!

A new year will bring new action!
I'm totally happy and even a bit proud to announce the Sudden Infant retrospective 'My Life's a Gunshot' on two double LP's. Yes, you got it right! Four longplay vinyls housed in two full-colour gatefold covers(volume 1 & 2) with my own paintings from 1992 and a very personal and exclusive 4-page essay by GX Jupitter-Larsen.
It will be released on Berlin based Hrönir label and it's definitely the most important and most beautiful and most tasty SI release ever! This newborn SI child will be ready for the world by February 2010.
I want to thank Ed for his incredible support and energy and patience during the process of this release. Also I want to kiss Rashad Becker for mastering and cutting and Bill Kouligas for the graphic design. Not to forget Daniel Löwenbrück of Tochnit Aleph who's experience and knowledge will help to spread this fine piece of disturbance ;)



  1. Mail geschrieben .. LP´s bestellt

  2. happy fucking new year! 21 years of sudden infant! ab jetzt geht's um die wurst!