Wednesday, June 28, 2017


@ Little Play, Taichung, Taiwan (TW)

JOKE LANZ: turntables
NICOLA L. HEIN: guitar
FANGYI LIU: cassette player, voice, objects
@ Cochlea gigs 27, Rocks, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (TW)

JOKE LANZ: turntables
NICOLA L. HEIN: guitar
@ Reykjavik Lab, Taipei, Taiwan (TW)

JOKE LANZ (turntables)
@ Saal, Hong Kong (HK)

Bye Bye Japan - Hello Taiwan!

Bye Bye Japan, hello Taiwan!
I had a marvelous time in Japan. Thanks to all my wonderful friends and all the people who supported my shows. Domo arigato gozaimashita! See you soon again!
Big smile to: Reiko Ebihara, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Marvel, Shayne Bowden, Rudolf, Ryosuke Kiyasu, Kazuyuki Kishino, Iku Sakan, Yuki Kokufuda, Reiko A., Mette Rasmussen, Morishige Yasumune, Carl Stone, Hiroshi & Hiroko Hasegawa, Yasutoshi Yoshida, Keiko Higuchi, Taro Tsuji, Mike Kubeck, Jessica Wu, Naofumi Ishimaru, Guilty Connector, Gunnar Bauer, Martin Holtkamp, Chris Fitzgerald, Yuko Ando, Yoko Araki, Akira Tominaga, Soleiyu Eye, Satoe, DJ Speedfarmer, Masaya Nakahara, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Kenjiru Bien, Shin & Mika & Nico Chida, Hachiya Maki, Chris Kirkland, Yachiri Osada, Giles Murray, Marianne Mumenthaler, Junya Hirano, J.H. Dechant, Joanne Poon, Katie Angelova, Farabi Toshiyuki Suzuki, Yukko Miura, Yachira Osada, Yasushi Socrates. Sorry if I forgot someone here… Too much Sapporo and Sake!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Interview with Contagious Orgasm

Contagious Orgasm is a 3-piece Industrial band from Nagoya, founded by Hiroshi Hashimoto in the late 80’s. Their music can be described as ritualistic ambient soundscapes. Often performed live with cut-up visuals of old movies and tv series. Contagious Orgasm toured several times in Europe and played Maschinenfest and Elektroanschlag festival in Germany.
Hiroshi Hashimoto also runs his own SSSM label and has released many CD’s and cassettes of international and japanese underground acts.
The interview was held with Hiroshi Hashimoto and Marvel who’s the percussionist of Contagious Orgasm.
Interview by Joke Lanz
(10th June 2017 at Naganawa restaurant in Kasugai/Nagoya)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Interview with Kazuyuki Kishino aka KK Null

Kazuyuki Kishino aka KK Null is one of the most prominent figures in Japanese Underground and Noise music. He's active since the early 80's and can be heard on countless records with his projects KK Null, Zeni Geva, Absolut Null Punkt, Null, YBO2 etc. He worked with Steve Albini, did two Peel sessions for BBC, collaborated with Fred Frith, Z'EV, Keiji Haino, Chris Watson, Matmos, just to name a few. He was born in Tokyo, but lives outside the capital in the quiet countryside.
Interview by Joke Lanz
(2nd June 2017 at Doutor Cafe in Tsuruma)