Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Integratron & Giant Rock

We decided to drive out of Los Angeles and visit The Integratron in Landers, California. This historic dome, made entirely out of wood (built in the 50's by Georg Van Tassel) is located at the intersection of geomagnetic forces in the Mojave Desert. Its mysterious architect intended to use it to rejuvenate the human body. Energy and sound are focused and amplified by the geometry of this one-of-a-kind structure. Would be fantastic for a Noise show!

Its design was based on the writings of Nikola Tesla and telepathic directions from extraterrestrial intelligences, in particular an individual named Solganda from Saturn. The Integratron was supposed to prolong life, produce anti-gravity, and allow time travel.

So we decided to travel to Giant Rock, which is just a few miles away from The Integratron. And guess what? We got lost in the Mojave Desert!

But finally we found Giant Rock! It was surrounded by some local human beings (no aliens) on off-road motorbikes drinking bud light.

Georg Van Tassel began conducting weekly meditation sessions in 1953 in the rooms underneath Giant Rock which, he claimed, led to UFO contacts and finally to an actual encounter with extra-terrestrials when, in August of that year, a saucer landed, woke Van Tassel up and invited him onto the ship. There the aliens gave him the technique for rejuvenating living cell tissues

Giant Rock has been known world-wide for a long time for its unusual UFO activities and for the many unmatched annual Space Conventions which have been held here.


  1. ENVY!!!!! I wish I was there!......Now you have raised the bar for me to take you to some kick ass nature places here in Oregon. See ya soon!

  2. Hey Joke! It's your tattoo artist friend/future american wife in Portland, OR. I just saw Daniel's blog where he linked yours. Happy travels!