Monday, April 4, 2011

Tel Aviv beach in my shoes!

Purim & Hummus in the name of God!!

Played three shows at the Zimmer Tape Festival in Israel: 16th March in Jerusalem at Bass Club, 18th and 19th March in Tel Aviv at Zimmer and Pit/Kit. My first time in Israel started with loads of pleasant moments: warm and sunny weather, excellent food, good beer, the smell of the sea and the sand in my shoes.
Tel Aviv is surprisingly vibrant, dirty, sexy, full of street-art, dog-shit and lovely bars. Exactly my cup of tea!
Massive THANKS to Marion and Sixto of Cave12 for making this all possible and bringing me over. You are both such lovely ghosts; great memories in my mind especially the car-drive back from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv ;) Also big thanks to Ron and Guy who organised the Zimmer Tape Festival, to Grisha who was my host (have a walk in the park!), Mia, Rani, Alma, Eran, Ali and Malcy of Usurper, Yves, Benjamin and Bruno of Blanktapes and all the others (sorry couldn't remember all the names).


JL live in Tel Aviv (photo by Aleks Urdas)

Street Art in Jerusalem

Marion & Sixto

Israel fashion!

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