Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Berlin - Paris - Taipei

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SUDDEN INFANT - Berlin, Paris, Taipei - DVDr (Tochnit Aleph 082)

Eminent DVD release of three seminal Sudden Infant performances from three different time periods:
2007 Berlin, 2002 Paris and 1996 Taipei. All actions composed and performed by Joke Lanz.
Pure classic noise-actionism and physical sound-poetry! Includes four inserts with photo and detailed informations about each performance. Direct mailorder copies (from Sudden Infant or Tochnit Aleph) are signed by the artist!
'An inner motivation causes the sound to find its way out of the body and into the space. Gestural pantomime explains more about this music, coming as it does from a feeling for the body, than words could ever do.'

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