Monday, March 7, 2011

Festival Cable#4 - Nantes

Played for the very first time in Nantes at Festival Cable#4 (17th - 19th Feb).
Really nice venue (Les Ateliers de Bitche), great soundsystem, cool audience and an amazing team will definitely stay in my memory department for a very long time.
Met some good old friends and familiar faces: Luke Younger, Thomas Ankersmit, eRikm.
Big thanks to Will Guthrie and his mates for the fantastic organisation.

One of my personal highlights on the night was Damien Schultz' spoken word performance. Absolutely breathtaking! Just him with a microphone and his lyric sheets turning into some trancelike speech-monster pacing an incredible speed with his mouth. No effects, no sampling!

Damien Schultz (photo by Rémi Goulet)

Sudden Infant (photo by Rémi Goulet)

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