Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Phone People

Today I received a wonderful package from Ukraine. I had to go and collect it from my post office next to my house. Didn't really know what was waiting for me, but my presentiment between Ireland, Ukraine and Taiwan was not so wrong:

New release:

SUDDEN INFANT - The Phone People
C30 Tape (Quasi Pop / Ukraine)

Yet another cassette release in Sudden Infant's long crusade to save the world of tapes. Recorded May/June 2010 at SI studio Berlin, this cassette consists of 19 short compositions with/about answering machine messages from friends and relatives i.e. Christian Marclay, Daniel Löwenbrück, Donna Klemm, Céleste Urech, Allon Kaye, Christine Streuli a.o.

Artwork by Edward Solomykin.

Dedicated to Donna Klemm (1948-2008).

Limited and numbered edition of 100 copies!

For tape/cassette lovers:

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