Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sudden Infant & Family Battle Snake // Ireland shows:

22nd June 2010 - Cork / Shandon Church Tower (private afternoon performance)
22nd June 2010 - Cork / The Pavillion
23rd June 2010 - Dublin / The Joinery

Some unforgettable impressions from my very first Ireland trip w/ Bill Kouligas.
All photos by JL except where noted:

On the road between Dublin and Cork

Shadowplay at the Pavillion

The Black Sun family: Dave, Sionnach & Vicky

FBS & SI with new band member Sionnach the fox

Joke & Bill at Shandon Church Tower (pic by Vicky Langan)

Drinking Beamish with Kev

Vicky & Joke

Sudden Infant live in Dublin (pic by John Kealy)

Are we not men?

Family Battle Snake live in Cork (pic by Titsh)

Meg, Mog & Owl

Sudden Infant live in Cork (pic by Titsh)

A huge THANK YOU to Vicky Langan for have made this all possible and for your incredible hospitality! We had a fantastic time! Felt like beeing a part of your family... Thanks Dave and Sionnach, you are such lovely ghosts.
Also many thanks to: Paul Hegarty, Aonghus & his girl friend, Kieran, Chloe, Patricia, Mick, Kev, Gavin & Andy of Toymonger, Max (great films), the cake Ladies, Joan Jett, Beamish, The Joinery crew, Eric, John Kealy, Dolorosa, Julia Shnappy Healy, The Pavillion crew and everybody who came to the shows in Dublin and Cork - you were a fantastic audience. THANKS!!


  1. was für ein süßer,toller Mann

  2. Goodness me, we miss you both like something else. What a fantastic time! I didn't expect to feel so sad saying goodbye. We'll meet again, no doubt xx