Friday, February 12, 2010

The ZOMBIES of Rocklin!!

After the tour we spent some beautiful days in San Francisco, hanging around at Mission and Castro district. We had some great food at a Japanese Spaghetti place (thanks to Randy, Libby and Charlie) and a yummy thai restaurant. We crashed for an additional night at 7hz, Scott's amazing living space in the heart of the docks and I found a very special hat (more of this later..).

Then we visited my aunt Michelle who lives in Rocklin, a residential area outside of Sacramento. There's no center, no old town, no bars, no pavements, no cinema, no nothing. It's just a big conglomerate of shopping malls, gas stations and fast food restaurants. This is total Zombie town!! No Joke, we even got lost after we went to the mall to check out some native rituals. But nevertheless inside Michelle's house it was nice and comfy and we had a lovely time. Thanks Michelle!!

We need flesh...

Brains brains brains...

Scott Arford's favorite zombie movie:

The zombies of Rocklin:,_California


  1. Sing a long with Menche!!!!

    ASTRO ZOMBIES!!!!! 1, 2, 3, 4!!!!

    "With just a touch of my burning hand
    I'm gonna live my life to to destroy your world
    Prime directive, exterminate
    The whole fuckin' race

    Then your face drops in a pile of flesh
    And then your heart, heart pounds
    And it pumps in death
    Prime directive, exterminate
    The whole fuckin' place well

    All I wanted to say
    And all I gotta do
    Who'd I do this for
    Hey, me or you"