Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Depression!

SUDDEN INFANT & SIXES west coast-tour 2010:

The tour is over. I'm depressed! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh....

All I can say is: It was a KILLER-TOUR!!! Totally AWESOME!!
And in proper language for my European friends: Sudden Infant / S6X6S west coast-tour 2010 was fantastic! We played 8 shows in 9 days, we drove 3'068 miles (4'937 km), we drunk 53 gallons of beer (200 liter), we fogged out 7 venues, we shredded one tire and we smashed one bar (Uptown San Francisco we'll come again!).

Team: Ryan Jencks/Sixes (you rule!!), Joke Lanz/SI (yeah that's me), Ute Waldhausen (merch & documentation), Rachal Spikula (merch & driver), 1973 metallic blue GMC VANDURA.

Big big big THANK YOU to everyone who helped and supported our tour, in particular: Frank Melendez, Damion Romero, Sarah Stinson, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Gerritt Wittmer, everybody at the Terminal including Catzilla, William Bloodsondrifter, Daniel Menche & Arrow, Judy, Magnus, Ximena, Pete Swanson, Stan Reed, AJ Lindner, everybody at Bike Hospital, Randy Yau, Libby & Charlie, Scott Arford & Critter, Luc Meier, Christine Metropoulos, Eilish Cullen, Daniel Blomquist, Jim Haynes, David Lim, Raub Roy, AAA, Swiss Arts Council PH, Swissnex, Les Schwab, Black Flag, Slayer, Paul Leary and the Eugene Police Department...

Sudden Infant & Sixes

Here's a short tour-report for your pleasure:

23th Jan: SAN DIEGO - Soda Bar
w/Riververb, Eli Pechman, Author & Punisher
Beautiful San Diego, here we are! Ryan's old neighborhood is our tour-kick-off!! El Cajon Blvd, home of the hookers and home of the brave! Many thanks to Frank Melendez (Riververb) and cheers to his house mate: Don't worry be happy! Thanks for crashing at your nice house!

Late night show: Ute & Joke at Soda Bar San Diego

24th Jan: Los Angeles / Glendale - Luna Playhouse
w/ The Haters, Damion Romero, John Wiese
Luna Playhouse is a small Armenian theater in the heart of Glendale / Los Angeles. And this place became witness of a fantastic noisy Sunday afternoon: THE HATERS, SUDDEN INFANT, SIXES, DAMION ROMERO & JOHN WIESE performed in front of a large and magnetized audience (including Debbie Jaffe of Master/Slave Relationship and Drew Daniel of Matmos and Shannon Walter of 16Bitch Pile-Up and Joseph Hammer and Laban Pheidias and Jessica King and Jordan Biren and and and... Thanks Damion, thanks Sarah for making all this possible!

Photo by GX Jupitter-Larsen

AMK, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Elden, Joke Lanz (pic by Jessica King)

Luna Playhouse filled with 'Sixes-fog'...

Joseph Hammer, Damion Romero, Joke Lanz

25th Jan: Day off - A trip along the Pacific Coast Highway
Ute and I decided to carry the VW driver from LA to Oakland and enjoy the fantastic view along the historic Pacific Coast Road (SR1). Unfortunately we underestimated the road condition, the weather and the crazy natives with their monster pick-up trucks.
In the middle of nowhere in total darkness and heavy rain (Pacific Ocean on our left and falling rocks on our right) we had to pass a closed land slided road to finally get ass-ridden by some local scumbags before arriving in Big Sur, which brought back the great Henry Miller to my mind. Thanks Henry for all your inspiration and the wonderful and essential books you wrote!

Henry Miller (left) during his Ping Pong meditations in Big Sur!

26th Jan: Oakland - Terminal
w/ Deathroes, Scott Arford, Darksmith
Finally, the mothership of all premium noise venues! Back in Oakland! Two years ago it was my best show on the whole tour and this time it shouldn't be different! Great audience, great acts, great host, great night, great house!! Thanks Ryan, thanks Alexis, thanks Rachal, thanks Dave, thanks Angie, thanks Scott, thanks Tom, thanks Gerritt, thanks everybody...

VW driver, GMC Vandura, Ryan the Mariachi, Joke the Starter...

27th Jan: Eugene - Speak Easy
w/ Casu Marzu, Soulscythe
Around 11pm we arrive in Eugene, Oregon with a two hours delay due to a shredded tire and some ignition problems. Happy to have done it we get stopped by a police car just a few steps away from our final load-in door! Hallelujah! There's a ghost under my bed!
Nevertheless, the crowd is waiting for us and we deliver two very intense and uplifting sets. Tattooed faces scream into slot machines and drink beer out of exploding high heels.

Waiting for AAA on the Interstate 5 near Yreka, California,_California

Yes, we sold some merch!

Big thanks to William Bloodsondrifter for bringing us to Eugene and for his great hospitality. Absolute amazing collection of bones and skeletons:

Invocation of my demon sister Ute!

28th Jan: Portland - Holocene
w/ Daniel Menche, Pete Swanson
Portland, Oregon - Home of thee incredible Daniel Menche, home of a beautiful Japanese garden, home of the microbreweries and home of Poison Idea!
Portland is the most environmentally friendly and green city in the United States. Trees everywhere, green green green all over the place, green spinach, green cucumber, green dollar bills, green eyes, green peas, green lettuce, green grass, green pickles and green noise!

Pete Swanson (Yellow Swans) opens the night at the Holocene with a powerful set. Daniel Menche follows and leaves me totally stunned! His new set is phenomenal! I'm deeply impressed! Oh my godness!! So good! Portland is green, but Menche is RED!!

Daniel Menche - Aliens want blood!

Sudden Infant - Shadow play!

Sixes / R. Jencks - The Fog!

Daniel Menche, Arrow, Joke Lanz, Ryan Jencks

29th Jan: Seattle - The Josephine
w/ Dried Up Corpse, Scard T1 & ~Dyna*Girl
The Josephine is a so called DIY space right next to a sports bar. Stan Reed of Broken Penis Orchestra, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Dried Up Corpse etc, is the main man on the spot and he's truly a great guy. He set up a fantastic night and we had loads of fun.

What do you know about a good father?

30th Jan: Portland - Bike Hospital
w/ Winter in the Blood, Squalora
Our second show in Portland, this time at an old warehouse space with a complete different audience than the previous one. It was obvious not to play our solo-sets again. Instead we went for a world premier threesome collaboration between Daniel Menche, Ryan Jencks and Joke Lanz. Tons of fog, tons of noise, tons of waves and tons of screams! Yes dudes, it's all recorded and filmed! Thanks to the Bike Hospital team and hope to see you guys in Berlin one day... There's loads of bicycle routes!

31st Jan: San Francisco - The Lab
Tralphaz, Horaflora
The final show on this tour was definitely one of the best. The Lab is a very cool art space located in the vivid Mission district of San Francisco. The night was organized by 23five and co-presented by Swissnex. A numerous and very interested audience arrived at The Lab to witness four suspenseful and diverse live acts. Thanks again to Randy Yau, Jim Haynes and Luc Meier for their great work and support

Sudden Infant live at The Lab (photo by Randy Yau)

Rachal Spikula!

Libby, Randy, Charlie, Ute

Sudden Infant live at The Lab
Sixes live at The Lab

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