Sunday, April 19, 2015


50 Years of Joke Lanz ///
Huge thanks to all the great artists and deejays: Shelley Hirsch, Ute Waldhausen, Doreen Kutzke, Roger Rotor, Petra Flurr, Christian Weber, Alexandre Babel, Franz Lieberherr (special guest), Steve Underwood, Bill Kouligas, Rashad Becker, Peter Pure and Marc Weiser (promoter).
Thanks to Pole Ka for the great poster illustration and Martin Baumgartner for the photo, thanks to all the people who helped and supported the night: Rachel Bühlmann (for transport), Mario Passarotto (for merchandise), David and Angela (for putting up posters all over Berlin), Klaas Hübner (for bass amp), Marcel Derek Ramsay (for projection), Andreas Hartmann (for nice taz article) and last but not least Ala Shobeiry for his unconditional support and love and Céleste Urech for being a wonderful son and my best friend. LOVE to all of you!

Tilmann Jakob (1-4)
Sandra Hartleb (5-6)
Martin Baumgartner (7-19)

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