Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cycling & Turntablism

After returning to Berlin with a huge Cairo bang in my head I needed some relaxation time and decided to cross the Swiss Alps with my bicycle. It was an unforgettable experience, a masochistic adventure and a great ride at full speed!
Thanks to my fellow sufferer: Ramsay and Michi!

Later in August I travelled to Maribor (Slovenia) after an invitation from Goethe Institute to lead a Turntable workshop for Kids. Together with Martin T├ętreault (Canada) and occasionally Ignaz Schick (Berlin) we had great fun with those wonderful Slovenian youngsters.
Huge thanks to: Heike, Jelena, Marko, Kris, Udo, Polonca, Vika, Maja, Jure, Mateja (for the dance)...

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  1. Joke = absolutly charming and surreal with Eddy merckx's cap !!! ;))))