Friday, May 25, 2012

California Uber Alles - New York New York

One week high speed USA! Sitting in planes, cabs, trains, buses, cars, subways, waiting at airports, immigrations, venues, liqueur stores... And it was all totally worth doing!

Thanks to everybody who set up those great shows, who gave me a place to sleep and shared some great times with me. Huge thanks to Eilish Cullen, Damion Romero, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Jessica King, AMK, Gerritt Wittmer, Ryan Jencks, Jesse Jackson, Luc Meier, Bob Bellerue, Shelley Hirsch, Phil Julian. More thanks to Joseph Hammer, Thomas Dimuzio, Josh, JG Thirlwell, Shannon, Alexis, Lana, Scott Arford, Michael Gendreau, Jim Haynes, Pete Swanson, Maria Chavez, Daniel, Carlos Giffoni, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Spencer Yeh, Cordon, Rachal, Guy, Mat, Holly and all the others I forgot to mention because my brain got lost somewhere in between Cairo and Mexico-City! THANKS!

May 14 - Dem Passwords - Los Angeles (Solo)
May 16 - Terminal - Oakland (Solo)
May 17 - The Lab - San Francisco (Solo)
May 19 - Ende Tymes Fest - Brooklyn (Solo & live collab with Astro)
May 20 - Ende Tymes Fest - Brooklyn (Duo with Shelley Hirsch)

Michael Moore autograph

Damion Romero

GX Jupitter-Larsen

Beverly Hills lamp post

Oakland wreckin' crew (Scott, Sixes, Cordon)

Bob Bellerue Ende Tymes Fest Brooklyn

Noise in my Head?

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  1. It was very nice meeting and talking to you! Had no idea you were also headed to Mexico City as well, we know a few different people in that area too. Eric says he very much enjoyed talking with you Sunday night as well.

    We just read this blog tonight, the "Isreali spy" story (based on the pentagram tattoo) was in a twisted way, sort of funny.