Monday, March 12, 2012

Heavy Cairo Metal

So far the strongest sexual stimulation since my arrival in Cairo I recently had on a street while walking with my Polish friend Marcin towards Tahrir Square. We bumped into a group of very sexy Cairene mannequins. Some 'no photo' shouts of the shop owner couldn't stop us to take a pic of these lovely futuristic ladies, who for sure already have set new post-revolution levels for Egyptian women.

Last Sunday we witnessed the first Metal Blast anniversary festival at El Sawy Culture Wheel in Zamalek Cairo. Half a dozen Metal bands (Scarab, Perversion, Bilocate etc), all from the capital, were jumping the huge stage and fired the crowd up for some amazing Death-Metal moshpits and Egyptian headbanging. Sadly no beer could be found within a radius of 7 kilometers (actually it was of course strictly prohibited to drink alcohol and/or smoke at this festival in Cairo), I tried to enjoy myself with an evil bottle of still water.

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