Friday, August 12, 2011

White trash camp side holidays in Norbergia!

Norberg Festival Sweden August 29-31 2011

Sweden, the land of lakes, deers, starköl, knäckebrot, blonde individuals, systembolaget and home of Joachim Nordwall, chairman of iDeal Recordings, who invited Sudden Infant & Raionbashi to perform at Norberg Festival in the middle of nowhere two hours outside of Stockholm.

I can't remember the last time I spent two nights on a camp side hanging at a festival in between Breakcore-Hippies, Electro-Nerds and Avantgarde-Punks. Thanks god Joachim inaugurated me into the rituals of Swedish hardcore enjoyment: Beer, wine, whiskey, crisps! And all in category 3!

Thanks for the great time! It was absolutely fantastic! Joachim you are the best! Cheers to all the good friends and nice people who made my time unforgettable: Daniel, Thomas, Leif, Roberto, Chinaski, Petter, Stephen, Zbigniew, Camilla, Grete, Helena, Jan, Richard, Ben, Anastasia and all the others I forgot or can't remember their names.


  1. hheheh, Jesus Christ, you've got no shame JokeeBoy!;))))praise the Lord and he might forgive you, ehehhehe I want such pants;)