Sunday, December 26, 2010

TOP TEN 2010!

A busy year draws to a close!
I don't want to say goodbye to 2010 without listing my personal top ten live experiences. I've seen many shows throughout the year, but these here are definitely the ones I enjoyed most:

01 Daniel Menche - live at The Holocene Portland
02 Sixes - live at The Lab San Francisco
03 Parabelles (Ute & Doreen ) - live at Tentstation Berlin
04 Charles Moneypenny - live at Staalplaat Berlin
05 The Haters - live at Luna Playhouse Glendale
06 Lasse Marhaug - live at The Smell Los Angeles
07 The Residents - live at Huxley's Berlin
08 Merzbow & Balazs Pandi - live at Berghain Berlin
09 Leif Elggren - live at NK Berlin
10 Alexandre Babel - live at Sound Forest Festival Riga

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