Thursday, September 23, 2010

Psychotic Einzelkind

Psychotic Einzelkind is the title of a Noise/Dance performance created by Joke Lanz (Berlin) and Brigitte Wilfing (Vienna).

The principal theme of the piece is affective and manic-depressive behaviour of 'only children'. To grow up as only child can cause significant social problems. They may have difficulties coping with situations such as a loss in friends, failure in employment, failure with personal relationships, uncontrollable anger, and girlfriends or boyfriends refusing to engage in sexual activity. Children who have experienced a stressful event, such as the separation of the parents or the birth or death of a close family relative, may also exhibit some or all of the symptoms.

Psychotic Einzelkind, named after Sudden Infant's CD album released 2008 on Blossoming Noise, was already shown at WUK Vienna in 2009 and at Transart/Underground City Festival in Labin (Croatia) in 2010. The next presentation of the piece will be at Fluc Vienna on October 5th, opening the night for FM Einheit.

Psychotic Einzelkind

Joke Lanz: composition, concept, performance, noise
Brigitte Wilfing: concept, performance, noise
Thomas Jelinek / Thomas Wagensommerer: light design
Alfred Reiter: sound engineering

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pictures at an Exhibition!

Opening of my exhibition 'Ins Gesicht' at Rumpsti Pumsti Gallery Berlin 4th September 2010. Thanks to all the nice individuals, all the kids and dogs who came to see my paintings. It was a wonderful and long Saturday.
Big THANKS to Daniel Löwenbrück and Ed Benndorf for giving me this chance to show my work and to be the first artist at the new Rumpsti Pumsti music & gallery space. Also many thanks to Bill Kouligas and Ute Waldhausen. Not to forget Marcelo Aguirre and Peter Pure who woke me up later on at a local bar further down the street.

The exhibition runs until Tuesday 28th September. Paintings are still available for 250 Euro each (31cm x 31cm, acrylic on cardboard). Please contact the gallery for further details.